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Greetings humankind! (and a shout out to the Machines out there)

My name is Sneha and I’m an independent journalist, communicator and policy lover based in New Zealand.

I’ve recently finished a postgraduate study in Environmental Science from the University of Canterbury. I studied science to aid my long term interest in the subject and combine it with one of my fortes: communication. I wish to simplify science for the layperson, make it more accessible and help them understand the impact of good science and information on their personal lives, environments and our world.

Previously, I studied Journalism and English Literary Criticism (Commonwealth) at the Asian College of Journalism and University of Pune respectively, both in India. I’ve spent countless years reporting on various topics, starting with the local newspaper when I was 16, graduating to national television and finally with MediaNama, an independent online news publication, where I found a great deal of love for investigative journalism and policy reporting.

Some of the topics I have reported on include:

– Technology (personal, B2B, startups, niche platforms etc.)
– Regulation and policy related to transport services in India
– Internet platforms (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.) and their services
– Technology driven services such as Uber, online radio, online food and grocery delivery
– Telecom operators
– Financial reporting and analysis

I started this website to write about things that are relevant to NZ and issues that I follow closely.

These include:

– climate change
– biosecurity
– public transport
– environmental and other regulation
– ridesharing services
– technology and science


If you’d like me to write about a particular topic, don’t hesitate to shout out!

Also, if you survived this, say hi! 🙂

Thank you for your time!